“Sock”cessful Soctober

Mia is over the moon to be able to donate so many pairs of socks to the homeless. With the help of friends,family, Puesta del Sol Elementary School and Endeavour School of Exploration Mia is able to deliver over 3,000 donations of socks, blankets, gloves and food to those in need. Thanks to everyone that made #socktober a huge success! When we work together we can change the world.



#Socktober is Here!!!


Getting Mia’s Boxes of Love ready for classroom sock collection for homeless people in the community!

Mia’s Boxes of Love is participating in #Socktober!


Welcome to Socktober! Mia’s Boxes of Love will be participating in the challenge set forth to the internet by Kid President: #Socktober!, where she will be working with her school, Endeavour School of Exploration, and Puesta Del Sol Elementary School to collect new, unopened socks for the homeless population in her community. Mia’s Boxes of Love will be set up for collection in 47 classrooms and the 2 offices at the schools. We are so grateful for this opportunity to give back to our community and are thankful that these two wonderful elementary schools are participating in this awesome challenge! #Socktober! is going to be awesome and deliveries of the donations will be made on November 3rd. Here’s to Mia’s next amazing challenge!

Mia Reached Her Goal!!!

Mia’s Purple Purse Challenge goal of $250 has been reached. Mia’s Boxes of Love has raised the money for the Family Assistance Program in Victorville, CA and the money will go directly to children who are homeless for school supplies and other daily needs. Mia will now get a cupcake delivery to her class from a purple unicorn (Family Assistance Program director, Darryl Evey in his purple unicorn costume). Mia and everyone at Mia’s Boxes of Love would like to give a huge thanks to all of the wonderful people who gave to this amazing cause. Mia will now be accepting all donations through the High Desert Community Foundation. Mia is a project of the High Desert Community Foundation and is under their umbrella as a non-profit. All new donations are tax deductible and anyone who donates through Mia’s Boxes of Love will receive a receipt. Mia loves changing the world, one little bit at a time and is happy to have the support of so many caring people.

Changing the World


“You were made to be awesome.” This Kid President quote changed Mia’s life. She, like so many other children, is enamored by the many videos made by Kid President. She felt called to action a few short months ago. The cause that has tugged at her heartstrings is child homelessness. She believes that every child deserves a home.

One day Mia found a box and took a few of her toys, books and a blanket and asked me to write a note. I was quite curious about what was going on and quickly found a pen and paper. What she said brought tears to my eyes. She wanted to deliver boxes of her things to homeless children so that they would have something of their own.

As a family we decided to make Mia’s dreams a reality. We have started a charity and are hoping to bring awareness to such a worthy cause. Mia’s ultimate goal is to raise 5 million dollars and we have no doubt she will reach it!