Mia Reads Her Book for Socktober!

Mia reads her book detailing the story behind the creation of her non-profit 501c3 charity to help relieve the effects of homelessness in her community. Mia’s charity has been active for 7 years and has collected tens of thousands of pairs of socks and thousands of other donations to help local shelters and food banks in the High Desert area of Southern California where she lives and goes to school. This year, donations are in such a higher demand due to the global pandemic and we are working to get items in need such as water and hand sanitizer to those that do not have them available. Please join us in fulfilling Mia’s mission to help as many homeless individuals and families as possible in this trying time. Thank you from all of us at Mia’s Boxes of Love, Inc. All donations made to our qualifying charitable 501c3 non-profit organization are tax deductible according to section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. 100% of the profits of the book are donated to the charity for the use of direct homeless relief. For more information, buy the book or to donate, visit the links above or these other links: https://www.facebook.com/miasboxesoflove https://twitter.com/miasboxesoflove https://www.instagram.com/miasboxesoflove/ https://www.happysocktober.com/ http://binkbooks.bedazzledink.com/books/books-m/mias-boxes-of-love/ https://bookshop.org/books/mia-s-boxes-of-love/9781949290332

Donations are welcome anytime and keep an eye out for our Socktober fundraiser! Thanks for visiting!


Anything Could Happen – Thanks to MusEffect

Mia was recently included in a video about empowering youth into social action for the betterment of our planet. We wanted to thank Jessica, the MiniMusers, other amazing youth social leaders and everyone involved. It was such a humbling experience and they have truly created something spectacular… WATCH IT NOW BELOW:

This beautiful video is such an inspiration. Please check out the stories of these social leaders:

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AND Please, please, please follow MusEffect at MusEffect.org or on the socials @museffect or facebook.com/MusEffect to see all of their amazing dancers and projects. Much love and support goes out to all!


Socktober is Coming!

Socktober is coming back for a 5th year of awesomeness!!!

     Another year of amazing “feets” are upon us and we are hoping to cover a lot of feet of all sizes again. Over the last 4 years of Socktober, we have kept over 30,000 pairs of feet warm for the winter and it has all been through the kindness of your hearts and the hearts of our community. We have truly made an impact of the effects of homelessness and poverty in the families in the High Desert and it is my hope that we can continue to do great work to help others. 

     Socktober was launched by Kid President creator Brad Montague seven years ago. It’s a movement to get kids and grown-ups to help the homeless in an easy, fun way. Last year, schools, families, businesses, and churches rallied together to bring Socktober to life. People from every state and continent have taken part in Socktober!

     Participating is easy.  If your child attends a Victor Elementary School Site ask the office or email: Mr. Clayton @ nclayton@vesd.net to find a location to donate socks or toiletries. 

For more information about Socktober please visit

Socktober info: soulpancake.com/socktober

For the Love of #Socktober!

#Socktober has brought so many smiling faces and moments of joy for us here at Mia’s Boxes of Love. We are constantly humbled by the kind hearts that support our cause of relieving the effects of homelessness on families in our community… and this #Socktober has been no exception. We have received huge donations from our extended family Gina Wulff and from Jessica Coleman, Margery Prickett, and Mia’s daddy’s friend Jennifer Williams. We love you all so much and thank you for the relief this will bring in the form of 11 adult boxes of love, 10 kid boxes of love and countless pairs of socks for the #Socktober drive! We will be purchasing these items soon and there will be pictures of how much you have helped soon. We are also thankful to the High Desert Youth Marines, Little Heart’s DayCare, Wild Hair Salon and others that collected socks. We are immensely grateful that you can find it in your hearts to help us with our cause!

Maverick’s Game Fundraiser

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Mia’s Boxes of Love Welcomes Back: #Socktober!!

kid president

#Socktober is back again and Mia is working with schools in the High Desert to collect socks for homeless families! With a challenge from Kid President to make the world a more awesome place, Mia’s Boxes of Love, Inc. will hold its second, month-long (beginning October 5, 2015), warm feet awareness drive to collect NEW, unopened socks for kids of all ages (socks being the number one most needed item).

There are two schools, Puesta Del Sol Elementary School and Endeavour School of Exploration, where families in the High Desert can walk into the office starting October 5th and drop off donations of new, unopened socks. Socks donations may also be brought to the Family Assistance Program in Victorville on 7th St. Furthermore, if you find it in your heart to send sock donations or give a monetary donation for the purchase of socks for homeless kids and their families, please contact us at Mia’s Boxes of Love, Inc. Phone: (760) 792-6436.

Check out Miaboxesoflove.org and Soulpancake.com/socktober for all the info on #Socktober and our activities as this month-long celebration continues.

One Year Anniversary



On the eve of our one year anniversary we are excited to announce that Mia’s Boxes of Love, Inc. is a non-profit organization recognized by the state of California. A year ago we had no idea how much support our Little Sunshine would receive just by wanting to help others. We will continue to help Mia change the world and hope you will continue with us on this journey. Mia believes that the opportunities to help the world’s people is limitless and she is not afraid to dream big because of the love and light that all of you give her.

We look forward to working with all of our supporters and donors in a larger capacity in the future. Our site and all of our operations are being revamped, so look for new things from Mia’s Boxes of Love soon! We want to give a special shout out to High Desert Community Foundation, Family Assistance Program and Ms. Gina Wulff for your extra support and continuing inspiration along the way – we love you guys. It is truly inspiring to watch as the world embraces Mia’s flicker of a dream and we hope it grows into wildfire.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

~African Proverb

The Diaper Dash is here!

After taking some time off to enjoy the holidays Mia is back at it with her next donation project. Upon talking to our friends at our local shelter we have learned that although clothing and food is often donated, diapers and underwear are in high demand. For the next 6 months we will be collecting diapers and underwear in any and all sizes to help our local homeless and domestic violence shelters. Mia is positive that she can change the world and with your help we can be the bright light in the lives of those often forgotten.